Fable 3 - Easy going...

Hey there.

Do you also think F3 is much too easy? Played it straight through within approx 8 hours and "died" only about 10 times...

Don´t know if I´m alone with my opinion, but I´m dissapointed...


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Hey dude. Try not to 'die', even once. There's an achievement.

Picked it up at a fantastically cheap price. Great game and all but a little disappointed with the easiness so far.

The story ended far too quickly, but there are so many achievements that it will keep you busy ... like collecting all 50 weapons. God what a pain :(-

It is a little easy, but like the others said...try to challenge yourself with achievements and not dying at all.

True the campaign is way too short, but like others said, the Achievements keep you well entertained. Upgrading your weapons, finding the 'secret rooms', collecting Easter Hare Eggs, and just all around finding the links between Fable I, Fable II, and Fable III. I have beaten it so many times it's ridiculous, but there is always something I have missed.

well it sure was short and there is always achievements to collect.

But i think fable 2 i still much better then then 3rd. Just because there is so much to do after u beat the game.

That game feels more bigger then the 3rd. More sidequests and the fun Colosseum.

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