Fable 3 download error

i bought a download copy of fable 3 on XBL from the market place and when i start the game my xbox gives me an outrageous error stating that my disk was unreadable this problem has persisted for as long as i bought the download (this wasn't recent)((years even)) a few months after that incident and Internet surfing i only found answers to the hard copy's of the game meaning retail disc copies'

i finally turn it to the Microsoft help center, customer service whatever.... they provided me with simple solutions for the problem however ineffective 

i called a third time and the speaker said the he was going to put it on the board or so, some type of meeting and said he would call me back, NEVER DID (i hope you saw that coming) after that i gave up

at times i try to fix it using the methods they told me which was: clear system Cash Delete the game and re-download it and from, all the speakers i talked to this is what they all suggested like they're no other advanced way to do it that will actually help me rather than brush me off. i know you guys mean well, but come on 

if you don't know you don't know just compromise with your customers until you reach a solution to solve the issue  

look i spent forty dollars on the downloadable game and so could you at least send me a disc or fix my xbox if that's the problem or correct the data that's being sent to my xbox 360 and this wouldn't a licence issue since i never transferred licenses 


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