Fable 3 Coin Golf Weapons

I tried to use these weapons won on the coin golf game to trade with a friend in a Live game, while the weapons appear in my inventory they don't appear in the 'gift inventory' anyone know if this is correct or is it yet another glitch. For those who don't know the weapons they are Hammer of the Whale, Thundraga and Donnas Kebab.It does seem a bit silly that I can't use accumullated items to trade to complete achievements in the game!

While I'm on the subject of weapons, I need about 10 or so to complete this achievement. I've been searching the forums and everyone is looking for the same weapons.  I'm having one last go at this cos I'm getting a bit fedup with it now, its just getting too stressful for a paltry 20 gamerscore!!


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Those weapons are similar to the pre-order weapons in that they cannot be gifted. On the other hand they are also not needed for the achievement.

Sorry to revive this thread but how do you transfer weapons over exactly? I just purchased Fable Coin Golf and have unlocked a weapon but when I boot up Fable 3 I dont see the gift in my sanctuary .