fable 2 help

I was wondering if it's possible to play the Fable 2 with another gamer that would give the items from the now unlockable chest in the chamber of fate? Oh, and does anyone know how to get the acheivement to shoot the weapon, head and something else of the hollow man?

Besides really wanting the items in that chest, I would like to play with other gamers, I'm not a gaming genius [like an expert at every game i play and always beat the game or win] but I do enjoy games. I play skyrim, naruto: the rise of a ninja and broken bond, sims 3 pets [which i can't connect to ea for some odd reason], fable 3 [but probly starting fresh], and maybe other games my brother has.


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I haven't managed that achievement yet myself, but we got a guy here in this forum who will help you with the chest contents stuff.

you get no "weapon" in said chest - You get a chickensuit, a "Counterfeit warrior" book,  you get 2 lionhead tattoos, and a regular hero doll. and the chest is only accessible if you unlocked it when site was open. it no longer is