Fable 2 demon door problem

Hi peeps, sorry but could not see a Fable 2 forum yet so hoping someone in here can help me?

The Brightwood demon door is baffling me... I fed it the cheese so it asked me to come back wearing a mullet & lamb chops, a farmer's hat, corset & strumpet skirt. I have found all these (tart's skirt which I assume is the same as a strumpet skirt??) and went back wearing them. The door said "I should have asked for a silver cape cos you'd never have found that!" but it still won't open. Am i missing something? I wore ONLY thes clothes he asked for, no shoes or anything... help please!!!


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yea dude I am having a problem myself I can't find the cheese needed because one person told me to get limberg cheese but I can't find that and plus my game is glitched where I can't access the bowerstone produce stand because there is no merchant there cause I think I killed her

OK, don't get mad at me if I'm wrong because I'm going off memory. If I'm remembering correctly, if you just stand there it will open eventually. Once it starts talking about the silver cape I think that means you've done it (If you're not getting silver cape talk then you're missing something). Again, I'm sorry if I'm wrong about this. By the way, I think there was a link to the old forums (fora?) posted in a FAQ at the root level of the Community section of xbox.com. I know this information was covered in the old forum, so you could look there.

Thanks Patti, will just make him stand there until it opens then...!

My second character is a bit stuck too, cos the bandits attacked her when she got to the door so I missed the clothing list the door asked for!!! Is there a way of getting the door to repeat the list? Or is there a usual choice of clothing & hair for female characters?

For Pierced Freak - sorry mate I can't reply to your message, but thanks anyway :o)

If you walk away and approach the door again, does it repeat the list? You might need to leave the area and come back. I do remembering strongly disliking this door. Wish I could remember the list--I played as female and had a heck of a time finding all the items. After a quick web search all I found was the advice that if you approach the door missing something you need, the door will tell you what it is but ignore the silver cape. Good luck!

I came back to it a few times with the girl character and it just says "are you still here... blah blah...." so it won't tell me again. I have found a few clothing/hair items mentioned on a walk through page somewhere so I think I will just have to get those and try different combinations until the door is happy!! Thanks :o)

Finally did all the doors this weekend!!!