Has anyone played the new FEAR title yet? How is it?


I loved FEAR 2 and recently picked up the original FEAR (was really hard to find actually for some reason around here) and am thinking about soon picking up the new one.

Just was curious of your opinions on it.



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There's not a FEAR 3 forum but there is a   FEAR Forum  You might want to go there and ask or read what some have written.  Or...see what some have to say here.  Just trying to help! 

It has a solid campaign, even if it is a little short. Definitely more fun in co-op. Different challenges and leveling up adds replayability. The multiplayer doesn't really suit my taste, though apparently it does to others.

Thanks Chicken i'll check that link out.



And, this one sounds a lot different than the previous FEARs with the leveling up part, sounds interesting though. And good to hear that they finally decided to include a co-op mode.

I played a little bit of the game on the PC and I think it is worth the buy.

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If you have someone to co-op with it's a blast. Not quite as scare enducing as fear 2.

FEAR 3 is a waste of time and money. I love the FEAR series, but they completely ruined it with this piece of crap.