F1 2011 And Forza 4

hey i've got to say i haven't been on the forums for a long while
but wow have they changed lol can't decide if i like the new layout yet

but anyways onto the topic..

F1 2011 Forza 4

now if you clicked on this i would guess you are a very big racing fan like myself
and just wanted to know peoples thoughts of both games so far..

and what are you most looking forward to from both games
will you be picking up both or just one of them ?

i will be personally getting both and straight away i know a lot of people
in F1 2011 are asking for safety cars now as great as an idea as this sounds
i personally hope if it does make the cut that its an option to turn on and off for online games
at least because the amount of bad drivers in F1 2010 atm ..

Is honestly annoying sometimes..

i try to race as clean as possible but sometimes that is easier said then
done when you have half a dozen dumb people trying to ruin your experiance and race..

i do tend to set up full 100% races with friends though an they are great fun
and we always race as clean as possible an with safety car intact in a private lobby with
drivers who will follow the rules BRILLIANT!

but if your a person who plays F1 as much as me
you will know that maybe in a normal GP
it will be a much harder task to get people to stay behind a safety car
or half the time loads of people will get DSQ for trying to go ahead or somthing stupid..

but hey this is just my thoughts i personally think a safety car in the co op career
aswell as private lobbys and your main career would be brilliant but online it could be
somthing that would make or brake the game with the amount of people who mess about online
already and thats just 12 cars on track not to mention there will be 16 players this time round
with 8 AI to make up the grid..

as for forza i haven't seen much on it the graphics and kinnect stuff generally does look great
and i am actually looking forward to using my kinnect for once.. LOL!

thanks for reading

just intrested in what others are looking forward to in either game and what features ect
and what people think of the idea of a safety car because as many peope in F1 2011 demand it ..

it could be somthing very tricky to run online in a normal lobby ..


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I hope both games do not differ much from their predecessors. With F1 almost all of my online racing was in sprint mode and yes the lunatics were annoying but when the game was still fresh there were enough serious racers around so most races were good.


I really enjoyed both games and hope they do not fix what in my opinion was not broke.


I don't like the sound of a safety car. To me it would waste time online. I just want to drive fast and clean with no interruptions.

There is nothing OUTSIDE of Forza.   NOTHING

I can't wait for Forza 4. It's going to be great! Not sure if I will get F1 2011, I still have F1 2010 and if there's no big improvement, I will stick with the older one :)

yeh from what ive seen of forza 4 it really does look amazing

and the handling is looking a lot better i felt some of the cars in forza 3 felt

extremely stiff and "on rail" even at times like you couldn't throw the cars around

then there would be others which would drive amazingly and actually feel like a car ..

as for F1 2011 its impressed an had me sold since day one

i wasnt planning on getting the forza 4 limted ed but after seeing what it is i think i will be now =]]

i already have my F1 2011 on preorder i am more hyped for the co op career i think that

wiill be a brilliant change from the single player career knowing you have your friend as a team mate

fighting to be driver 1 and for the championship im excited just thinking about it lol!

Co-op career does sound interesting. Might be a way of ending a friendship though lol

I can't wait for Forza 4, it's going to be awesome.

I love the sound of the new F1 Game . The one thing I hope they change is that you can turn the Ghost Car OFF !! Please , I Hate bloody Ghost cars !