Is it just me, or does it seem like the F-35 is a tad bit more difficult to control compared to the F/A 18 and the other non DLC jets? Is this to nerf it down because of it's hovering capabilities?


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The gun of the F-35 is a lot stronger than the other jets in conquest, and I think it's as strong as the rush jets or close to it. Comparing them, the rush jets aren't as maneuverable either. I wouldn't call it a nerf but a drawback.

I like it. I'm kind bored of the other jets since I maxed out the specs. I find its good at everything but fighting the other jets. I hover and use the guided missile, also I spot using the guided missile camera and if I'm hovering low enough I can take out infantry with the machine gun but It really all depends how good the pilots on the other team are.

Yeah, probably.  The F-35 is supposed to replace the Harrier jump jet (although hasn't entered service yet).  The Harriers were designed to be ground attack fighters and not supposed to be used against super-sonic jets like the Flanker.  Maybe it's the same for the F-35?

That's why it seems slower and less maneouverable. 

Ah, I see. Just a shame it's hard to use when enemy jets are going after you like crazy.

My normal loadout for jets is Air Radar/Flares or ECM/ Guided. I find myself prefering Heat Seekers to help against the other jets when it comes to the flankers in wake and oman though...

The F-35 is and isn't good. A great F-35 pilot will still wreck a decent/average Su-35 pilot, however a great Su-35 pilot will always beat a great F-35 pilot. There is an imbalance and no middle ground. Trickery is required to be skilled at an F-35, however no matter what a skilled Su-35 pilot has the turning skill and aim to never be fooled or outplayed by a skilled F-35 pilot. Kind of sucks in my opinion. I like flying the F-35 but once they opposition has a skilled Su-35 pilot, it is a waste of time to fly because you always die quickly and there is nothing you can do about it. The F-35's can't even turn as swiftly as the Rush Jets.