Eye Color?

Am I the only one having a real hard time distinguishing eye colors for the human races? I can tell which ones are blind, and I can sort of tell when one color is darker than another, but I can't see any greens or blues in the spectrum. Is there anyone out there that can see them perfectly fine?


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They're all brown

Mine are always a glossy black. Could be our monitors.

Its really annoying, is there a fix?

Human races (Imperial, Nord, Redguard, Breton):

From what I can see all Human races have the same colour presets:

1 - Light brown

2 - Light brown, Cataract

3 - Cataracts

4 - Light green or hazel

5 - Light green/hazel, Cataract

6 - Brown

7 - Cataract, Brown

8 - Brown, Cataract

9 - Brown with bloodshot whites

10 - Light blue

11 - All black with no pupil (or all pupil?)

12 - Light brown, Light green/hazel

13 - Grey or very light blue

14 - Light green/hazel, Light brown

15 - Brown (nearly amber)

16 - Light blue ( a darker shade than #10)

17 - Blue

18 - Cataract, Blue

19 - Blue with bloodshot whites

20 - Steel grey

21 - Cataract, Grey (darker than #20)

22 - Light brown/almost orange

I never seem to be able to tell the difference between eye colors in games.  I usually go with green because it's the only one that sticks out.   But in this game they all looked the same for me.    Don't even remember what I ended up choosing.