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What is up Xbox LIVE!? How you doing today? My names Semper Fi, or Dade, either will work. Today I want to talk to you about my Team...Extreme Tactical Gaming, also known as ETG. We're, I guess you could say a Community Clan, and Private clan :O We recruit any member who's truly interested, but just because you're in the clan doesn't mean you have a place. I'm ETG Semper Fi, I'm the YouTube Team Leader, MW2/MW3 ProSim Team Leader, & GFX Team Leader and Leadrunner [Highest Rank next to Founder]

All Teams are recruiting at the moment...MW3 Especially! We do play GameBattles, and plan on playing frequently once our team is built up for MW3, the team will consist of 10 Members...8 are needed to fill the rest of the positions.

MW2 is more of a retired Team, but the Game is still used as a Practice field for games, but it will always still be a great memory to us and we will always use it.

Halo isn't really a priority for us, and we don't even have Teams for it yet.

We have Teams for MW2/MW3, Battlefield 3, Forza Motorsport 4 , and Gears Of War 3...We do plan on making more as the time comes, such as Halo Reach, possibly 4, Medal of Honor, and many other games

We need Forums Moderators, not at the moment but once we're fully operational and have a purpose for them, they will be needed.

We need Game Reviewers, YouTube Commentators for our YouTube Team, Montage Makers, Graphics Designers, and people to Manage our Twitter, Facebook, and help us advertise...

As you can see we need ALOT of positions to be filled, but we know there's people who will be dedicated and active in our clan, such as myself.

If you are interested in any way to fill any positions, email me at *** Email address is removed for privacy *** , or check out our website! http://www.extremetacticalgaming.net/forum/forum.php

If you are interested in joining the YouTube Team, you must prove to me in some way you can record, OR edit, OR Manage. Since I'm the Leader.

Thank you guys for reading this post! Once again, be sure to check out our Clan Website!



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