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Sooooo... I've spent the better part of a week grinding away to get ten Archive Cards, so that I could get x5 XP for 50 Matches.  Finally did it, "bought" the bonus, had a few matches... then turned off the console.  When I went back to it later, I was back to regular, x1 XP.  Down the toilet.  Is that a glitch or supposed to happen?  MUST you have fifty consecutive matches?


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To be honest I'm not sure - it may or may not. I know the double XP occurs in real time, so if it says it'll disappear in 10 minutes, it WILL disappear in 10 minutes, which means if you spend those 10 minutes in the menus, it goes to waste. However, if you get 2 straight wins, turn off your console, turn it on again, & then get a 3rd straight win - that counts towards getting double XP (since you get double XP for 5 minutes). Unfortunately, that's all time-based, not match-based, so it may work differently or it may work the same. In any case, glitch or not, I think you have your answer... Tough luck.

I'm sorry, but none of that made any sense to me.  Nowhere does it say the XP bonuses are time-based.  All four (x2, x3, x4, x5) say they're for "5/10/25/50 Matches".

Once you exit the game all your match exp bonuses are gone.

What a stupid idea.  There isn't even a bloody warning.

By the way, sorry if I sounded out-of-turn in my previous post.  Just that when you started talking about time limits, straight wins and such, I was completely lost.  Of course, I get confused with Tetris...

I was mostly referring to the double XP you get for consecutive wins (wins in a row). For example, if you get 3 wins in a row, you get 2x XP for 5 minutes. It's completely different from the XP bonuses you get from spending your lvl. cards or whatever they're called because those (the latter) are based on matches rather than time.