External Drive is Brilliant!

I had read a piece on how getting an external device improves the speed of Fallout's incredibly long load times. Once I got my 1 TB drive for $60 and installed every game I own (About 25 titles!) and still have 40% available space left I was shocked when I transferred Fallout to the new one. It's like night and day! My load times went from horrific to semi bearable. Except when loading new areas which takes a while. But going into buildings etc is near instantaneous. Likewise with many of my other titles that I switched over to the drive. If you own an XBox One, I would highly suggest doing this.


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After purchasing a MyBook I was shocked at how well it worked with my Xbox.  I figured it would be the same thing just more room for games, however, I was amazed when the loading time actually improved as well.  Best $109 I ever spent on gaming equipment.

You made the right choice in buying an external HDD.  Personally, I would have aimed for a little more memory with the amount that you spent. None the less, congratulations.

Yes I can confirm this. All load speeds are vastly improved based on how big they are. Open world games definitely get the 5 start treatment because of all the data they need to unpack. But the other benefit is that I don't have to shuffle through my games anymore, more importantly I don't have to (gasp) reinstall them! I'm 95% digital now, so I don't swap discs or anything. To say this makes life easier would be a massive understatement.

Enjoy your new purchase.  There is a noticeable difference.  Happy Gaming!

An external HDD should cut down the load times on pretty much all games.

It'll vary from game to game though,it's more noticeable on bigger games like Witcher,Fallout etc.

Can anybody recommend a good external HDD for my 360? I picked up a 2GB Seagate, but it doesn't seem to be compatible with it :'(

Nice. When you transfer a game to the external drive is it fast or is it like installing them all over again?


Well I know what I'll be asking the wife to get me for my birthday. lol, I'll be 41 and asking for an external hard drive for my videogames.


I wonder if it improves The Witcher 3 load times?


Nice. I've decided to go all digital last May so I'm sick of deleting every game as soon as I'm finished.


It is much faster than installing them.