It is my goal in Halo Reach to eventually earn (yes earn, not have it handed to me) an Extermination on all maps via a SWAT match (and yes I know not all maps will show up so some games would have to be done in Custom Games.) I have earned one on Swordbase and Zealot which still leaves 20 (Asylum, Pinnacle, and The Cage are all separate though they are listed under Forge World) (Not doing Hemorrhage or Paridso at the moment) more to go.

I am looking for 7 players who have all Reach DLC and who want to play SWAT both in Multiplayer and in Custom Games. I am fully aware that this will be a very long process because I wish to earn each Extermination. If you are willing to help with certain maps but don't have all DLC your help where able is welcome. A headset is preferred but not a must.

If you want to try and do this with me I am willing to help others do what I am attempting. If interested please send me a message.


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What do you get out of it? I don't think satisfaction is enough reason to get player to follow you for "a very long process". No mean to be negative, just realistic. If you want to party up and play some games I'd be down though.