Extended Walkthrough Trailer - Part 2

I didn't catch this earlier, so if anyone else had missed it or simply had not seen it after the 1st part of the walkthrough trailer with Casey Hudson on Gt.tv, here's the 2nd part.  Apologies if you had seen it, just ignore this thread.

It features Commander Shepard and Captain Anderson on Earth during the Reaper Invasion. Casey Hudson was right about one thing that he had said leading up to E3, the sense of scale in the environments is astonishing and from this walkthrough itself you can tell immediately when you see the Reapers causing massive destruction to this city off in the distance.


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You also see Ashley during the attempt to escape to the Normandy SR2, couldn't edit my post in time.

That gave me chills and warm feelings all at the same time.

Seeing Earth being devastated like that, but also seeing Anderson and Ashley in action again.

Brownie points to you for posting, good sir. You've earned it.

Yeah CrypticZer0, you worked harder than anyone who's actually there covering the event, get some sleep now and thanks for all of the information, I'm still trying to digest it all, MASS Effect Monday was MASSive, thanks again...:-)

Thanks for the link. Totally awesome. This is going to be one great game. Can't wait

Ahhhhh, I want this now!