Explosive E3 30x NOT counting now????

The multiplier was ON three hours ago and now it's not. I'm pissed. I was going to use this time to get to 100. I'm a 98 and there's no way I'll get to 100 otherwise (within reasonable time frame).


Anyone else notice?


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The 30x does not stop till monday.

Well it did stop last night, I noticed too.. Had a score of 8700 on Annex and got a very normal 4200 xp for the game...

I noticed that also, there is no 30xp. I thought it was gonna end on Monday.

they really screwed me yesterday, thanks EPIC!!

Great stuff. well i got to level 99 last night.

1 week was too short should have made it 2 :)

x30 is back on again until Monday now. Confirmed on Epics forums. They did turn it off but back on now...

is it down again!? I was on lastnight around 10pm, and it wasn't working.