exploring planets - any reason after getting resources?

Is there any reason to keep exploring planets after you get enough resources for upgrades?  I've explored a dozen or so and paid for all of the upgrades I could buy, and I have tons of each resource left.  Are there any bases that are not revealed by an NPC quest?


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There are dozens of sidequests on unexplored worlds.

IIRC, Jacob's Loyalty Mission is uncovered by scanning the planet Aite I think it's called. As Schuey19 said, there's a plethora of side quests found on different worlds via scanning.

Go to the following link: masseffect.wikia.com/.../Assignments, scroll down to the 'N7' heading. There's the list of sidequests started by scanning planets.

Aite is actually the planet Overlord takes place on. Jacob's loyalty mission is actually pointed out for you on the Galaxy Map after he talks to you about wanting to go find the Hugo Gernsback. You have to scan the planet to locate the area, but the Galaxy Map tells you which planet to search.

My bad... couldn't remember which planet it was exactly. While the planet is pointed out, to get to the landing zone, need to scan for it.