Explorer pack maps??

Races part works, got the pet, but no treasure maps, this only for my first character though, I made another opened mail with him (because that's when I was promoted to) & the maps are in consumables. Going back to my other character still no maps & mail already opened although I opened it with other character,


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The maps would need to be placed in the bank by the character who has them and obtained by the other character.  Once the treasure is found, the maps disappear forever.

Hope this makes more sense.  I had the same questions on PC

what happened for me is I got my maps on my first character and I didn't like my character so I deleted him and made another one and was confused when I checked the inbox because I didn't get the maps! Any way to fix this

Well that's me *** then I've deleted all my character hoping a new character would get these maps I did not have a clue they need to be stored in bank so I've used all my character deletes deleted the mail I thought because I own the dlc every new character would have them & still no maps, they should be a lot more clear on this, this has completely ruined my experience of the game spent all day creating deleting & checking characters inventory. AAARRRGGGHHH

I did same stupid thing.   But I saw an old PC thread that others were being helped.   It would be nice if a moderator would pick this up and spearhead a satisfactory solution.

Well its too late now EOS got cex'd so what if I lost out on money, the game looks terrible, what's with the red outline round enemies, swords etc look pants in 1st person & after skyrim who plays in 3rd, this game is nothing like skyrim more like scrolls on Xbox (the first one), oh god the environments its like wind doesn't exist,plus I hate the way you are stuck to a region & gotta pay even more to play PvP, I'm glad I still got the witcher wow that game is so polished the level of detail makes EOS look like a 360 arcade game, yeah I paid £42 for this sold it for £19 that's £23 I lost, I had trouble with treasure maps & zeni don't reply or even answer their phone they tried to tell me to call back when office is open between 9am- 11pm even though it was 10am

Yeah, allies should have blue health bars, and enemies red, nerd the red outline.  And Witcher 3 is awesome