experienced pro player looking for FPS clan

have most of the good games--check my achievements

black ops clan is a must. looking for people who have experience with using a microphone and playing black ops. must be a fun clan--not full of whiners and newbs or clan hoppers who just joined. hopefully not a new clan but if you are a new clan lets play some games together. i am a friendly guy--but i play to win--so i expect the same from you. must be active--at least play games as a party together a couple times a week minimum. hopefully you are an established clan who plays together every day. gamebattles or not i do not care--i am experienced with game battles as I used to run a clan called Nothing But Killers on R6V2. i am a 5 star general with a positive k/d ratio and i never camp unless it's for the team. if camping is necessary i will play tactically. i play 5-10 hours daily some days. i have been in too many games where people are not playing seriously/people are cheating/people are not communicating which is why i decided to join YOUR clan. i hope you send me a message soon.


-AbaShoppeR from R6V2 & BlackOps & Halo


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