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I've been in many communities such as DMG,KSI Global, United,FTG, and I've reason to general in all at least but I have gained more position all the was up to council member and well I just got my account back and all my 360 friends removed me for I've been gone for 1 and a half years so I'm in search of a new community I enjoy playing casually but I really want to join is because i enjoy the responsibility that comes with the high positions and so if you want me to join your community mssg me or post here 


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I'm only on Xbox one by the way

i actually got a Propsal for you can u skype chat me JJAVENS44 or just shoot me a message on XBOX(TEXT)   XBH VIPER XS

Exiled Collective is recruiting teams in Halo and CoD AW. We have strats, and communication. In Exiled Collective you wont feel lost or feel like a number. Here you can be more then just a member, and be a part of something bigger than yourself.

Required when you join:

18+ of age please

Must have a mic

Willing to change GT

We are also recruiting in Destiny. In Destiny we are looking for those to do raids, strikes, and team work in multiplayer.

We will also be recruiting for Halo 5 for when its released this fall.

If you have any questions about the clan please contact Tatsuke eC or Big Country eC

Check us out at


Hey, check us out at www.ultimatewarriors.co.uk as we have just relaunched our clan and looking to build. We are also looking for people to help run and organise things also. look forward to hearing from you.

Ultimate warriors are the place to be guys and i think we can cater for your gaming requirements check out our site


TAW [the Art of Warfare] is piloting a console division in our community.  We are a mature community like you speak of with over 2500 members world wide.  We follow a military type structure and are primarily PC.  Our main mode of comms is TeamSpeak.  We currently have over 25 members in our Destiny PS3 Console pilot and now we're looking to start an Xbox pilot.  If interested, check out our website https://taw.net and let me know.  

We are recruiting for xbox diamond division. Mature dedicated players only. Phalanx fallen on youtube. lion0fsparta on xbox 360. weedman on xbox one.message us asap to get a spot in our diamond max level clan. No cheaters please!. must be able to win matches and work as a team always, must show up on time for war. phantom phalanx is our clan name on xbox. CALL OF DUTY!!! WE PLAY MANY OTHERS INCLUDING DESTINY.

Hello and welcome, please see below our mission statement:

"A community for all types of gamers, whether you are new to gaming/communities, laid back or just here for the banter! CraveTheGame is a friendly place for all adult gamers looking for like minded people. Sign up and Crave YOUR Game at www.cravethegame.net

CraveTheGame is a community for all ages 18+ who share one common interest, Gaming. Be it relaxing online or unwinding after a hard days work! We are a casual gaming community, that just want's to bring the fun back into gaming.

Ok so how did we come about CraveTheGame?

This site was set up by Miss Wotsit in September 2011, having been a keen gamer for many years.

Whilst gaming, she had found that a lot of people out there take games too seriously, and not always in a good way. Due to this, she wanted to create a community for those, to not only meet like minded individuals to arrange games with but also, to have a place where people can come kick back and enjoy the banter and friendly atmosphere!

Over at CraveTheGame the most important aspect is our user satisfaction, we don't want to be just another gaming community, we want to be different, have that personal touch, CTG is what YOU make it! To give you the best user experience, speak up, let us know what you want to see, so we the staff can do everything we can to ensure you the Members get the best online experience!

Thank you for reading.