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I have not played many co-op games in Diablo III aside from ones with Friends, but was wondering if Power Leveling was possible in this game.


I know that the game compensates according to how many players join a multi-player game:

Multiplayer Bonuses

 While enemies grow in power with each additional member that joins the party, the rewards heroes receive from working together to defeat these foes also increases. In addition to bonus chance to find magical items and bonus gold received, you also receive bonus experience. This experience bonus is multiplicative with Monster Power bonuses, so playing multiplayer at higher Monster Power values yields even greater rewards.

  • 2-player game: 10% Bonus to Gold Find, Magic Find, and Monster Power Experience
  • 3-player game: 20% Bonus to Gold Find, Magic Find, and Monster Power Experience
  • 4-player game: 30% Bonus to Gold Find, Magic Find, and Monster Power Experience


But, how does the game distribute the Experience? 


If a lower level player joins a party in Inferno, would they be able gain levels at an accelerated rate (aka Power Leveling) or is the amount of experience distributed evenly among the part?


I've looked around Blizzard's forums, but there is no clear cut answer - just people asking for help in Power Leveling.


Any ideas?


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each lv of difficulty has a mim requirement do enter i belive its

nightmare 40

hell 50

inferno 60

so a low level player can not join an inferno game

But, what about the other way around?


What if a higher level character (like level 40) enters a lower level game (someone who is just starting off)?


Would the lower level character get more experience and the higher level character get less experience?  Or is the experience divided equally among all players?

I find best way to fast level ( and have done it on 4 chars )is set game to easy. Get you hands on a hell fire ring and cains armour (with a head gem socket to add the best ruby you can) and then I also found a leodrics signet (ring with 35% bonus xp)

I then just hammer main missions and can clear a act in hour or 2. With this setup I get around 170% bonus xp and 400 extra xp per kill then when I get to 60 craft some gear and pop it on master one :-)

Hope this helps

The player whos at a higher level joining a lower level game doesn't effect the amount of experience at all. Only the number of players in the game, the level of said character doesn't impact any experience at all.

Power Leveling or Twinking as it's also known does not work in Diablo 3 as there are SERIOUS XP penalties depending on the difference between party members' levels.  From a Q&A with Jay Wilson of Blizzard:

Guest-224: Say for example that I am playing a high level character, but I want to play with my friend who only has a low level character. Will me joining his game ruin the experience for him because I could just blast through the content and make it too easy for him?

JayWilson: To Guest-224 You could blast him through the content, but his XP will be greatly diminished to the point that it's not very beneficial for your low level friend...unless he likes spoilers. But that's what Youtube is for. :)

Guest-503: Is "rushing" a character possible? Or are there some kind of restrictions that keep a player from getting to Nightmare/**bleep**/Inferno in a significantly shorter time period than usual.

JayWilson: To Guest-503 A higher level character can help you jump past content within a difficulty, but you get greatly diminished XP, so you really need to go through legitimately. We have hard level requirements for difficulty levels, though, so no shortcuts there.

Some folks have done some serious testing to nail down the penalties, their results can be found here: