Expedition DLC coming in May



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I'm glad paid for the season pass. I thought they would add more than just 3 maps, but glad to hear about adding decals to the titans.

Really you can add decals to your titan that is so cool. Is it going to be like in Call of duty black ops 1&2 where you can make your own or is it going to be presets?

Don't know if we can make your own but to be able to customize your Titan will be off the charts

If we can make our own decals them i'm gonna go crazy with it and deck my titan . I'm so happy that i feel like a school girl that got asked out by a really really hot guy lol.

The best future is the "DipyourTitan" pro installer kit! This DLC is the best. ;)

Honestly! You guys buying the DLC  because they offer you decals for your Titan???

WOW! EA makes some cheap $$$$$$$$$ with you guys........ WTH!

I am guessing you can't read Papaya? The only thing we have to pay for are the maps and the rest is free.

I'm happy to hear about the maps, although let's be honest this game is not lacking maps. I can't wait for the new game modes! 

New maps always nice, but the game types are what 'I'm waiting on as there plenty of maps lol