Executive Order on Veteran = FUN

This level is insane towards the end. The Russians randomly fire. You never know when it's safe to shoot back. It's a crap shoot at times, yet logicaly set out for you. I spent probably 4-5 hours trying to beat the level last night. For some reason, I didn't even get mad or curse my television. I have to give props to Treyarch for such a challenge.


If you only play multiplayer and think campaign is boring, Try mission #4 on veteran. It's fun and challenging. I'm not throwing in spoilers. I made it to the last checkpoint before I read anything on the net about the level. I didn't need any info, I was doing it right, just need some luck...or skill, lol. Cheers.


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Just wait till you get to the downhill battle on S.O.G., i had a hell of a time getting down that for some reason.

Yeah the hallway of death was brutal but once you get past the level S.O.G. its pretty easy

Lol @ hallway of death. I'm thinking the trenches will be rough.

I dunno why I'm thinking everyone hasn't done this. I have only had the game less than a month, my bad.