Executioner Smough and DragonSlayer Ornstein

My GOD. What a pain. These bosses have really become my first wall im having trouble pass in Dark Souls. I get HOW to beat them, and have gotten SO close so many times, but there is one MAIN problem that people keep doing that prevents not only myself, but themselves from winning. If you defeat Ornstein first, Smough becomes Electrified, regains ALL his health, and is MUCH tougher than before. Everyone I played with last night, either being summoned as a phantom, or summoning others to help me, killed Ornstein first, even though I had gotten Smough down to less than 20% life! Ornstein slayed, Smough back at full health.Go for Smough first and just have someone DISTRACT Ornstein! Ornstein is MUCH easier to defeat than Smough, so get the big guy out of the way first! This boss is CRAZY hard to beat, so make sure before you beat Sen's Fortress and travel to Anor Londo, you STOCK UP on humanity, because that is now my main problem. Ive now been going back helping people beat Iron Golem so that I can get some Humanity again without having to trek Sens Fortress again. There is almost NO humanity in Anor Londo (a few in the painted world of Amiralis).

Dam you Executioner Smough and DragonSlayer Ornstein!!


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I found the hammer guy best to kill last since he doesn't chase me down as fast when I'm trying to heal...plus I really didn't want to deal with a huge Dragonslayer....thing is if you kill dragonslayer last I think you can but his armor off of someone, but kill him first and you can pick up a rare ring

AHH!! HE transforms too>??? I should have known >:( . However, I DID get that ring, so maybe ill go for his armor now. Thanks for letting me know this. I think id rather deal with big ol Smough now ironically. Does he drop any good items?

If you kill him you get his soul which can make his hammer, same with dragonslayer...Really I just wanted to get that boss fight over and done with so I didn't really look up their info...which is why I wise I left dragonslayer last for his armor but oh well guess I'll do it on NG+

what lvl are you guys right now?  I want to get summons but i never seen any body there

Im level 41, if your looking for someone to summon, I will be one in about 2 hours, Ill send you a msg when i get on, and tell u where I have left my Summon Sign for you. Try to get to 40-ish by then if not already.

im higher lvl :( that might be my problem

man, Im on level 54. I was on level 38 before I started that leveling technique to get to level 50 to increase my faith to 12 from 8 and my endurance to get it above 105 so I can use my strong armor and still move at my fastest.


I cant use that technique any more as I joined the forest hunter convenent. so those guys are no longer targets and they are now friendly. I want to fight a human!!!! I havent fought a human in this game yet. I havent been invaded nor invaded anyone else game as it fails everytime. I wanna see how good I am against other players. But at lvl 54, I dont think I wil find too many players at my level as I havent seen a single summon glyph since I gotten to this level and I used to ALWAYS get summoned when I drop my sign when I was a lower level, and now hours go by and not a single person summon me. Hurry up and get to my level dammit!!!

im leveling 56 and same I HAVNT SEEN ANYONE!