execution unlock question

why can i pull of weapon specific executions at any time during campaign, but not during horde or multi-player until i have x amount of kills with said weapon?


do the kills you accumulate in horde count towards unlocking these executions, or only multi-player? because i know they don't count in campaign.


i have been trying to get them all in campaign mode, but the stupid AI usually runs and executes them before i can switch to the weapon i need to do it with and finish them off. it would be a lot easier to do in horde but is going to take some time if you have to unlock them all ONLY in multi-player.


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I'm using horde mode to get them and they work in versus, i just made a post why there's no snub pistol execution but every other weapon has one.

you can also use private matches to get the kills as well.

Unlocking does not count in campaign, however kills in horde and private games do count towards executions.