I understand there are the folks who LIVE for online multiplayer & jump at the chance to pay 1200 MSP for new map packs when they are available. But what about the people who are ZOMBIE crazy? How about the guys at Activition/Treyarch release a zombie exclusive map pack, which would include all the zombie map packs, minus all the other multiplayer maps. Online multiplayer is where it's at, I get it. But there ARE people who never play online and would really love the new Zombie maps without having purchase extra multiplayer maps that will not get played as much.  It sucks to pay 1200 for a map pack when you really only want the zombie map. - -


& yeah, then people will say "well, why don't they just have every map available to download separately?" - But there is an obviously large amount of people who are BIG WaW/Black Ops Zombie followers, so an exclusive zombie map pack would be great. - - - Also, they should go ahead and make the classic zombie maps available to download for black ops; it's been long enough & (as I am sure many people have stated) they would make money from all the folks who never purchased the Hardened/Prestige editions of Black Ops.


Any thoughts???


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or you could of just baught the hardened edition of black ops spend the extra 20 bucks that it will bassicaly cost to buy the map pack. im sure you can still buy a new one off ebay or amazon

I get you, but if I wanted the hardened edition i would have bought it from the get go. and I'm not a fanatic type gamer that I'd buy a second copy of a game I already own just for  the classic zombie maps.

any thoughts on the zombie maps being packaged into one DLC? Good idea? Bad idea? Would it make a difference?

I think maercs00's idea of a Zombie map pack is a good one. I have purchased all the map packs but mostly play the Zombie ones. Maybe package it with some exclusive Zombie cloths or mask for your Avatar. I'm sure you'll have some buyers.

That would be incredible if they released a zombie pack.

I would love to play the WaW maps on Black Ops.

This is something they should have done since World at War when they introduced zombies. I'd like to see them offer the DLC seperately as there are many players who either only play multiplayer or only play zombies and have no need for the other. I'm still waiting for them to release the zombie maps from W@W for Black Ops without having to get the Hardened Edition.


I'd even like it if they released more than one zombie map with each map pack. I could care less about any easter eggs in the zombie modes. Let us just get in there and kill the undead. They could even adapt some of the multiplayer maps to zombies.


Good idea OP.

I was surprised at how much the Hardened Edition goes for nowadays.  But for the price of the last three map packs ($35), you can have 4 more zombie maps.

They would never do this and I'll tell you why.. because Activison as we all know only care about making the biggest profits so by doing exclusive map packs they would lose money and that's a no no. I like your idea and it's been suggested before, but I don't see it happening...

This is a good idea but it would never work.  Even if Activision did this, they would have the Zombie maps for at least 1200 and then the people who want the zombie maps and the MP maps would have to spend $75 on DLC alone.  

i think it can be done, it's just, will they actually do it? I mean, with WaW for example, they have 3 separate map packs for a set price, then they have the bundle where you get all 3 map packs at a lesser price than you'd pay to buy 'em separately. I believe the separate map packs are 800 msp and the map pack bundle is 2000 msp. Sure, Activition is trying to make money, but I honestly think they'd want to make all the folks who love and enjoy their games happy & keep 'em coming back for more. They took a 400 msp loss when they bundled they 3 map packs together and they seem to be doing just fine; it didn't make much of a dent in their pockets. As crazy as we all are about black ops, they know they have nothing to worry about when it comes to making their money. The zombie map pack is definitely do-able.

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