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Check out our channel @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxJGTesYTjg
currently building TEAMTAGE 1!


xS gaming is now looking for players who want to play in a small group with skilled teammates. We will be a YouTube clan with live streaming and montages, looking for players who want to play competitive and league play, also players who are sick of public teammates with no communication. This is not a very serious clan so if you are looking for mandatory practice you won't find it here, currently working on our montage and teamtage videos for our YouTube channel (under construction) we will be making a dedicated GB team and also a team for those who have not played GB yet (so they can get the experience). Currently building our roster for our 4man GB team.

Update: so far we have a great clan base, if you are on the fence, just message me and come hang out for a bit and I am sure you will like what you see.



My gamer tag: iiNk3d




1.0+ KD

300+ SPM





Some of these can be waved if you feel you could bring something to the team, currently in need of another video editor, commentator, and GFX designer or those who have skills in that area.





If interested please message me on XBL : iiNk3d





If you are just looking for a good clan to play with and a chance to get some videos of your gameplay up on YouTube while repping  the clan then this is the place for you! We focus on objective style gameplay, with emphasis on hard point, CTF, Dom but we def. play gamerypes based on whatever people want to play! Come get your KDR, SPM, and WL up! If you aren't sure, just add me an come hang out and see if you would like to join!


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Nice vid. Im the leader/owner/founder of XOGC. We have a COD BO2 division where we host tournaments and other events. I would like it if your clan would participate in it. www.xogcgaming.enjin.com

If you want a better website, hit me up.

Bump for early work day!