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I am one of the founders of excellency gaming and I would like to take a few minutes and tell you about our team. First we have very simple requirements, we don't ask that you are on everyday or attend meetings everyday but we do ask that you are active on the site and you are over the age of 16. This team was started to bring all gamer together no matter what their skill set is or what games they play. We have a number of members who are very active and they play all types of games. We as a team strive to make gamers feel comfortable and at home, We also have a leader panel and all out leaders have roles ranging from Competitive, Tech support and organizing  team events such as knife tournaments and poker tournaments. I am going to list a few perks below and I hope it will grab the attention of gamers who read this!

1. Active forums with ways to earn 1600msp!

2.Clan events with MSP giveaways!

3.Well structured system with clan meetings where members can voice there opions.

4.Leaders who are constantly trying to pick up new sponsors and affiliates!

5. A team who plays multiple games(Minecraft,borderlands,COD,BF..)

6. A competitive that is actually good, and dedicated to getting to the top.

7. A very friendly environment!

These are just a few things and I hope yo will check us out at www.xlncgaming.com!!


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XLNC is great! I recommend joining to all players.



Looking for casual and two more very good competitive players. Contact anyone that has bumped this forum!