Excecution Acievement

Can anyone link me or write out what excecutions I need with each weapon?


Many thnaks in advance, this will also be useful to anyone else who needs the achievement


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So when they are downed you hold Y?

and thanks VERY much for this Lord Dirt!

I believe so, but the hardest ones to pull off are for the heavy weapons as you cant run while they are equipped and the damn AI steals your executions before you get there, lol.

It will explain them inside the game.. Go to the achievement tab in game and check it out

Yes you hold Y with different weapons equipped. But for the love of god whatever you do don't hold Back and B down at the same time!

Just kidding that just brings up the map with placement of the spawns, weapons and grenades.

Judge, Jury and Executioner 10

Get a kill with every possible execution finishing move (any mode).

Executions can be done from the start in Campaign mode, so work on that first. Otherwise, you'll need to get 200 kills with the five main weapons (first five listed below) or 40 kills with the other weapons to unlock their execution moves for any Versus game modes. This can be easily done in local matches against bots. Use every weapon on a map, then switch. Once you down an enemy, stand next to them and hold  to use your equipped weapon's execution move (unless otherwise noted). You will need to use all of the below executions:



Retro Lancer

Gnasher Shotgun

Sawed-Off Shotgun

Gorgon Pistol

Boltok Pistol


Digger Launcher

Hammer of Dawn





Torque Bow



Shield Bash

Face Punch (COG + Snub Pistol)

Arm Rip (Locust + Snub Pistol)

Curb Stomp (tap Y instead of hold)

Neck Snap (X  to make Meatshield + X)

Chainsaw (Hold B with Lancer equipped)

Bayonet Charge (Hold  B with Retro Lancer equipped)

[People seem to be having the most trouble finding a Cleaver and the One-Shot. Cleavers can be found easily in Act 2, Chapter 2. One-Shot...?]