Exactly how does one play this game?

Reading the posts got me to thinking.......


People hate: Quickscopers  - Rushers - CAMPERS - Boosters - Cheaters - and the list goes on,


So if you are not one of the above where does it leave the rest of us? Personally I suck at sniping and rushing - you need to be able to react fast to the enviroment around you. My mind has no issue processing the stuff - however the messsage to my limbs gets stuck somewhere in the body and I ummm die. So what I do is try to hold known choke points or suppress sniping roosts across the map with my LMG. Yes I am in one spot - NO i do not sit in a corner waiting for an enemy to appear (like a spider). It is sometimes a good thing to hide when the spawn changes and you are "Left behind the enmy lines". As for the last group of people - there are no good words.

So what constitutes a good COD player? Good team player - fun team player ? When I bought the game, no where on the box did it say if you cannot rush - then please don't buy this! RUshing  is fun mind you - some are very good at it. Camping in a corner sure seems boring - but if someone wants to play that way then go for it.


My point is how can anyone say any group of people suck if the only gameplay they can compare it to is their own?


Anyways - just food for thought I guess.


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I do a little of everything... just not quick scoping.


It's good to be a jack (or jill) of all trades

 I think everyone has different playstyles, different goals, different ideas on things like "honour" ( makes me laugh )and those probably change depending on mood or who they are playing with. I know I seldom have a set way of doing anything, other than usually trying to rank up weapons or complete challenges.

 One thing is for sure though, the majority think that however they are playing at a particular time is the only way anyone else should be too.

   Personally, I think the game is quite fun if you dont take it too seriously ..... unless its one of those times when noone is doing what I think they should be doing and want to twist my controller in half .......... I really think I'm going to have to use an old controller sometime and actually give that a try. Think it can be done?

I'm the same way, I try to control choke points. If things work out I can get a huge kd... but during the day it seems like everyone just rushes to the other end of the map. That makes people spawn right behind me, and I'm done. Unless you're constantly moving, you'll die.  So in this game, I'm no fan of rushers when that's all there is (I thank the devs for the small cluttered maps) .


This is in tdm. I gave up on domination as its a complete cluster.


other styles of gameplay annoy me (like corner camping knifers) but at the same time I just shrug it off as me getting outplayed.  Good for them. When I'm ADS, behind cover, and a headless chicken mega sprints into my killzone and insta kills me with an SMG, or gets spawned directly behind me... that's not being outplayed. That's stacking everything in my favor but still not being able to win a gunfight because the devs made the game too "rusher " friendly.  That's why I think SMGs need tons more recoil, a small gun shouldn't spew bullets like a laser 40+m.

A good COD player is someone who plays it how THEY like to play and not be intimidated by others.

I personally play a sedate style and like to close in on an enemy position, usually with my team mates, and then proceed to waste them, and we plan our classes depending on which map we are playing.

Controlling choke points, as mentioned before, is also a great way to find satisfaction as a team

Again that is how WE like to play it and find it enjoyable.

If you can get in with some mates, and form a clan, if you are not already, then I would recommend it.

Nice to have a laugh now and again, but more importantly, enjoy the game, it's what you pay your money for

how to play this game 

i kill you makes me a good player 

you kill me makes you a ***** *** *** player 

but basically play how ever you are comfortable  -- rush -- camp --snipe -- q/s 

just don't shoot / knife me 

Honestly the  game is AMAZING for me when I get to play with no one home and my tb's on. I go positive with some amazing game videos!

A good COD player WINS games. Its all about adjusting and adapting to the other team and their strategies. Maybe that adjustment means you need to be a "slayer", maybe it means you need to shoot down UAVs, or capture objectives? Make the adjustment and play for the win, doing whatever needs to be done and no one can complain.

i play it one hour at a time! it gets old fast for me!

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