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EWD is like a real life wrestling orginazation. We have three shows a week. Monday,Wedensday,and Friday. We have only one leader and that is me. There is only one main title everyone battles for the EWD championship. So... Depending on how well you are the more matches you will get and the more matches you get and win you get closer to that championship. Now here are the rules. There is absoloutley NO getting yourself DQed on purpose if you do this it may lead to SUSPENSION. No whining and crying if you loose a match. there are NO rematches once the match is over its over no do-overs. Be aware that the only way you can get a match is if you are online. If you have a match you will be notified by message the message will consist of the match type and your opponent and what show its on. If you can not show up to a match please notify me a day ahaed of time. If you do not tell me this will result in you getting a warning. Here is the warnaing system. So warnings are basiclly me telling you to fix this or fix that. Now if you get 5 warnings total this equals a one week suspension. If you recieve 10 total warnings this equals a three week susoension. if you recieve 15 warnings total you get a one month suspension. If you recieve 20 warnings you will recieve a permanat ban. Now if you can keep from getting a permanat ban within one month youre in good luck. At the FIRST of every month everyone gets a clean slate (ecxept for people that are banned permanatly). Here are things that can get you warnings. Disrespect to ANY member, Not following instructions, and not following the rules stated above. If you have any questions feel free to post a comment and I'll be glad to help you out. If you are interested in joining make a resume and then once I approve you I will  send you a friend request. This is a superstar only leauge so NO CAWS or Divas. You can have up to two superstars but there overalls con be no higher than 94 (Yes that means no Cena,no HBK,no,no Undertaker,no Rock).




Resume Template





Best Avalible On:




My resume


Superstar(s): CM Punk/Sheamus

Overall(s):94 and 90 (custom)


Best Avalibe On: Monday and Friday




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Come on I know you guys can do it!

Come on someone has WWE 12 and can be in the leauge it's not that hard!

Nobody wants to join EWD?

I will

Make an apllication on here. You may use the example shown above.