Everything fails to load

Everything, campaigns, spartan ops and war games. All it does is stay at the loading screen then it switches to a black screen for about a second or two before kicking me straight back to the main menu. No error messages or anything. I havent been able to play a single bit of Halo for the past week when this problem just decided to come out of nowhere. I even tried installing the game to the HDD and it still doesnt work. Just gets stuck at the loading screen forever (and I can still hear people using their microphones) then a boot straight back to the title screen.


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Still need help with this

You need anther HALO 4 copie That should work

So far I have gone through three discs, without being able to play even a minute. Fix this already, 343 and Xbox team. It is getting rather tiresome.

If you have tried 3 different Halo 4 disks and none of them work then its clearly your 360.  H4 is a brand new game pushing the 360 to the max.  If someone has a tired or older 360, its not going to load this game.

Or your account. Redownload your profile.

What would my profile have to do with it if I can play other games just fine? Its not even an old xbox its the 4gb slimmer model