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So I think I finally realized why I'm not enjoying Reach as much as I hopped...I think it's because I just don't like the maps. Now hear me out because, I've been p,aging halo 3 for the past several years and I love it! And those maps were killer...sure people hated construct but I liked it the same. So I notice the big issue with a lot of the reach maps is that one they all like long straight paths, while 3's were more cicrular. And second the reach maps are just TOO big. Now I love it maps...especially for big team games...but I wander around and wonder where the hell is everybody? So what do you all think? Is this old news or am I being just too critical and nostalgic for the days of halo 3? More importantly how will this affect halo 4?

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I disagree that the maps are too big. I think they are too big for the slow player movement, but not to big in general. I like places to explore, so I enjoy big maps. But yes, the maps in Reach are horrendous. If some of the most popular maps are community made and implemented into MM, you know something is wrong. No community member should have a more popular map (consisting of only grey blocks) than a team of professional designers. And seeing as how a lot of people spend the majority of their time playing MM and these maps, it makes sense that disliking the maps would be detrimental to your overall experience.

I almost never play on the original maps. Killing me to learn all these new maps, but I guess everyone likes them more.

The maps in Halo 3 were amazing. They were all unique whereas the vast majority of the ones in Reach are campaign based. They are dry. You were right about the best maps being circular in Halo 3 though, it allowed for better navigation and more fun, dynamic game play. Think about it.

Last Resort
Rat's Nest

All of these maps were/are great and circular. There were a few linear ones that were good too, Valhalla, The Pit(if you consider it linear) Avalanche etc.

That was my big deal with Reach, the maps weren't unique. If they had a different texture and theme I'd probably like them a lot more. They should of brought back maps from Halo 3 instead of 1 hahaha. Even Forge World maps seem dry to me...

Actually, Brad, the Campaign settings were based off of the MP maps. In a terrible decision by Bungie, they decided to create maps that would "work" for multiplayer first, THEN incorporate those maps into the campaign. It was a terrible thing to do, and clearly, the maps don't really work well for MP.


I agree with the linear vs circular thing. I think there needs to be a mix of both. Zealot is one of the few (only?) original maps in the game which is circular. However, it STILL doesn't work because it's far too small. No matter where you are, you're always in someone's sight or range. This is why the spawning is so terrible on that map. Not to mention, the splash damage from 1 or 2 grenades can cover the width of the hallways up top. That's why every game on that map starts off with 8+ grenades being thrown by both team at each other.

Reach maps are just poorly designed.