Every time I play Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition my Inventory does not save anything!

Guys, this is really frustrating, ever since my brother has downloaded Minecraft and I play, my inventory does not save what so ever. I've played on my friend's server and my own server and this problem still occurs. I never spawn where I left off and my inventory is completely gone! Please I would like some help!

I also always double save


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Do you sleep in a bed during a night-cycle?

Do you actually save the game? or do you let the auto save do it?

I also have this problem, always spawns me in the default spawn point (even after sleeping and saving) and if I've had anything in my inventory it will go (although to prevent i use chests before saving) really annoying, anyone know of a way to prevent this?

There are a number things to try and see if it will work. Firstly, clearing your systems cache. You can also try re-downloading the game, re-downloading your profile, and even resetting your options in the game to default then changing them back. If none of that works, it may an issue in the game itself and require a patch, which is due out in coming weeks, supposedly.

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So was a solution found for this?

come on someone has to know a solution for this

I Have Same Problem, I Believe It Starts, WHen you exit your world, when you havernt exited, like i was playing and didnt need to save, so i went in to my xbox options and clicked "play Game" MW3 so went straight from 1 game to the next without dash boarding, so i do believe all our problems are with our saved map, not our consoles... as i have searched all the websites for answers, im afraid i think we must start, again. which is a pain with all my pixel art and redstone work :D

Add Me if you want to see the problem im talking about, or just to see my world.


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Help or leave, your post is pointless (which by the way is cluttering this thread).

On topic : I would delete the game, delete my cache and my save gun (make sure to have a backup via usb stick). Then I would re-install the game and see if that works.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

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