Every other Squad Rush match is full of boosters.

What a bunch of *** bull ***. Just joined a match with boosters. Got five kills, and they all ended up leaving, so I wasted my time. Honestly can't wait until MW3 comes out. I wasn't a "fanboy" initially, but with every day that goes by, I'm disliking BF3 more and more.


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And also, I assume all 7 guys that were in the match are now going to report me or file a complaint, and I'll get banned for absolutely nothing.

lol cause MW games dont have boosters. Just report them mate and move on. The boosters will get banned soon enough, dont let the few spoil the game for you.

No you're not, if you didn't do anything wrong then you are fine.

Oh!!!  That's where they're boosting...  I wondered why I was seeing so many maxed lvl guys out there...   Lame!!!   Never ceases to amaze me that people always find a way to cheat..

I shall now join Squad Rush games and troll these people.

troll em clown send me invite to do so

@OP, COD has boosters too, just saying.

GENERALLY speaking though COD boosters are in FFA where it's everyone for themselves.  I can see where doing Squad Rush would be worse because your team is small and you actually rely on them whereas FFA you can kill BOTH of the boosters instead of potentially just one in BF3.

I've joined enough MW2/CoD4 domination boosting games/ don't even get me started.

I'll see your don't get me started and say that's the minority.  I played a ton of Domination in both of those are rarely saw boosting.  For the simple fact that when you're "losing" a point one well placed explosive will wipe them out.  Do that a couple of times and they're going to stop or leave your game.  Whereas in FFA, you're less likely to wipe out a majority of the others.  Additionally, you clearly missed my all caps GENERALLY right at the beginning.