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Does your head to head season rank determin what skill level you are on euro 2012 online. I am in league 6 on fifa 12 and struggling with euro online, keep getting beat by long balls lobbed over defence which is annoying me. Also anyone else not liking the game play on euro

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i wasnt happy to use 1800 pts for euro 12.thats like £17 4 a download.

if you are getting caught by the lob every time play more deffensive.

the add-on is so bad, it doesnt feel as responsive as normal fifa and the gameplay is quite slow, why have ea messed around with it???!! if its not broke dont fix it!!! and the online is incredibly frustrating as well!!!

I had a feeling that this played differently to normal Fifa 12 but couldnt put my finger on.

Thought that EA sports wud ave given us something like FIFA 12 but alas to no avail gameplay is terrible online and don't even get me started on defensive play it's just BAD and really slow hopefully an update will sort this out

is it worth buying 1800 microsoft points for the game because i have got the trial and it just doesn't feel like i am playing Fifa. If it isn't worth buying I will just spend the coins on ultimate team that is way better. The one thing good about it though is that you can earn xp towards your fifa level.

It depends how you look at it really 1800 points is not bad considering normally this would be a full price game alone.  You have pretty much the same modes as normal Fifa 12 with the exception or career and UT, but you do have an expedition mode which would keep you busy for some time as you have to win 159 matches to complete, and you try to build a fantasy team from the teams you beat along the way.

However I could see this becoming boring, it really depends if liked playing career mode in Fifa 12 (i found this boring).  As for earning XP you do this on any mode in Fifa 12