Euro 2012 freezing

Loving the new Euro 2012 DLC in general, but seem to be having a problem with it. 

Just started a tournament as Netherlands, played through first game (won) and saved. Came back later, went to the second match (won again) but this time the game doesn't let me past to the match summary after the replays. I get the panning background of the pitch with the sounds but no text ever comes up for me to continue/save/match facts, etc. Thought it was a fluke when it happened last night, but just replayed the same match this morning and the exact same thing happened.

Is anyone else having a problem like this?  Have to say it's very disheartening.... :(


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I wouldnt mind betting this is down to your opponent (if playing online) quiting.

From the sounds of it, by the OP refererring to "replaying" a match, i'm guessing he is not playing online.  Thus far, I've only had the game freeze once on me.  *knocks on wood*  Mine was during Expedition Mode as the game was loading a Mosaic piece.

yea man, same thing happened to me just now, played it twice as i thought it was a fluke, but low and behold it doesnt work. i cant think of why, perhaps a bug on an update, so there needs to be another update to sort this out, especialy as i paid £17 to get the MSP's to buy this game.., im not happy.

this game is *** freezes all the time

my game freezes whenever I try to play kick off ever since I started playing expedition mode. I tried installing the game to the xbox, but it doesn't help. I hope EA patches this.