Et Tu Brute achievement

This is the one where you have to knife five friends.....

........all my mates have stopped playing really apart from a handful. Problem is we all play on the same team and it's impossible to get on the other team. You can't knife each other if you are on the same team even on hardcore (although you can shoot each other).

Advice, please?


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Last updated July 3, 2018 Views 5 Applies to:
  1. Play with Friends
  2. Open Start Menu
  3. Join a Game in Progress of a member of the opposing Team
  4. Knife Friends
  5. Profit

Ah, the joy of knifing ones friends.


Its best to have a ton of friends on the other side.  Cause finding just that one isn't as easy as ya think.

get one friend, go to party chat, when on oposing teams, meet up 5 times and Knife away. (yes you can knife your same friend 5 times and get this)

LostKauz and co - yet more awesome advice! My friends all got into a game and I switched sides...I got the achievement in about an hour.....hah - my mates didn't know what hit them...some of them are snipers and I snuck up behind one mate and he got it in the back three times!!!!

Thanks to all....