Estus flask question

Question about my Estus flask:  I noticed when I went to a bonfire to rest, it would refill my estus stash back up to 10.  Now I am not getting the refill to 10, only 5.  Any reason why that is?  



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That online kindle is pretty cool. When I see someone sitting by a fire I'll make sure to stop.

People in other worlds kindling near you. It gives you one each time.

A few times i seem to end up with 6 flasks, can anyone explain why?


In the Catacombs.  The boss fight.

Where do you learn the rite of kindling?

All bonfires will retain their kindles.  It's wise to kindle as many bonfires as you can to +20 before starting NG+.  Especially all the bonfires you encounter BEFORE acquiring the Lord Vessel or learning the Rite of Kindling.

You need the rite of kindling to kindle beyond 10, I think.  Not sure where you find it.  Do kindles remain in effect in NG+, or do they reset.

When in human form, you can Kindle bonfires by sacrificing humanity.  You probably rested at a bonfire you haven't started to kindle yet.

No Kindle = 5 flasks

One Kindle = 10 flasks

Two Kindles = 15 flasks

Three Kindles = 20 flasks