ESO Veteran Rank 1 - Now what!?!

So, I'm still too "soft" to take down the Big Guy (I already tried), but I'm officially OUT of stuff to do!!  I read that a 2nd Alliance section was supposed to "open up" for me at VR-1...but I didn't receive any type of message to this effect!  I'm currently Daggerfall Covenant...and I've completed every freakin' quest in my alliance area (including Coldharbour), as well as the Fighters Guild, Mages Guild and Main Storyline quest...up to the final battle, of course.  Help!


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you have to finish the main first, go to pvp held by your alliance and quest cyrodiil for a few ranks then go back

make sure you delved all the delves and ran all the pubs killed all the world bosses etc