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Hello All!

I am very excited for The Elder Scrolls Online set to launch in June for the Xbox One. I was on IGN and reading the tips and tricks for new players ( ). The reason I'm creating this post is to try and band together a solid, trustworthy guild of players on the Xbox One platform.


With my experience playing Star Wars the Old Republic, I was never able to join a "true" guild. Although I am currently deciding on what race and class to be, but I plan on going with the Daggerfell Covenant faction. I am still researching into the game, in the next couple of weeks I plan to make a decision on the race and class (I'm thinking of a Breton Templar to make a tank). So, if there is anyone who plans to be going into the same faction as me, pm me or comment on my post! All are welcome to comment thoughts and opinions. My purpose is to make a good guild, thrive in the game, and be rich (I hear gold is especially tough to quickly acquire in the game).


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I'll be on Daggerfall for Xbone so feel free to add me. I've played the beta & am tanking as a Khajiit Templar in the PC.

Great! I'm thankful to have met someone who already knows the game.

Well I still have a lot to know about the game because its massive but I have done a few of the 4 man dungeons now so I know the fights in those now at least.

My guild currently has a core group of former hardcore PC MMO players who are now going to be playing ESO on Xbox One.  Sounds like what you might be interested in:

Guild Website

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Thank you Debas3r! I actually found a guild already called the sons of summerset!

I'm looking for a guild to join I currently have 2 characters in the ebonheart pact, and 1 in AD. All low levels as I'm learning the game. For the most part I don't play online games and am more of a soloist, although i do like pvp.