ESO crashing bug Warning

hi this game keeps crashing me back to my xbox dashboard every 5 - 10 and if lucky 15 minuets you can tell when it will happen when you cant use yore weapons properly and you cant click on anything or if you are chating to npc you click on anything other tan goodbye.

i uninstalled then reinstalled it that worked most of the morning then it came back my Internet is fine i tested all connections they are good my NAT type is open so anyone els having the same problem should report it so it can be fixed and no my disk is not scratched or damaged in any way.


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I'm having the same issue. I just got the game and it crashes me back to the dashboard  mid character creation everytime.

Same here except it crashes back to ESO start screen with "make sure you have a valid internet connection". Did all the tests and they all came back good plus my NAT type is Open

Should be a patch coming soon to sort all these issues out for everyone. Personally, other than the opening day, I've been able to play fine only having crashed once. I get the occasional long loading screen but usually its pretty fast even while friends playing with me load for a while. I did however get a lot of lag creating and playing with a big group on PvP last night. Made it near impossible to kill or do anything for that matter. They have said theyre also increasing their servers which I am hoping will clear all this up!

Thanks for reply mine only crashed me and took me to dashboard during game play but at least we know it is a crash bug because a bad Internet connection would log you striate off not crash weapons or npc from used before it boots you off.

Do not uninstall it then reinstall it docent fix it for long just a quick reminder if in game you can tell when it will sometimes by not being able to click on anything like npc or even use your weapons that well.

If you know any other player withe these same problems where it crashes you off from in game or anywhere ells to dashboard tell them to reply here.

Its working for me since I started using my xbox with internet cable instead of WiFi! But I think the problem is random so don't know if its gonna work for you guys or if its gonna last for me....

Here is something els i was told to try phoning the provider of youre router and give them the eso port numbers or use port forwarding in your settings it is supposet to help you withe eso don't do it docent help at all. Because my game still crashed me out the the xbox dashboard.

i am going to try reinstaling it for the second time helped a little first time stopped the crashing for the morning then started again later just messeage them withe this problem and hope they fix it.