Escalation Achievement help

Hey everyone I've been trying so hard to get the new achievements but I always seem to get grouped with people who don't know what to do, people who don't have mics, people who just mess around and kids who don't know who Romero is however seem to think they need to keep screaming at me that I shouldn't shoot him and then they shoot him and scream like girls lol


Anyway I am on all day today and I really want to get the achievemehts today or tomorrow. I know pretty much what needs doing for the paradise achievements and I know it takes a very long time to kill Romero (almost did it once with a pack-a-punched alien blaster however the host disconnected arghhh)




Cheers in adcance


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if u find 2 others i'll be up for it

well, you don't need all four players to do the wasn't easy for me either.  I basically did EVERYTHING by myself (yes, it's possible) while everyone else ran around.  The only step you need 2 ppl on is the vodka.  If you can get at least ONE guy on the same page with you, then you're golden.  I've been trying to help randoms get the achievements, but every time someone in the group either hits something out of order or messes with the dials halfway through.  Good luck!