Error: Unable to play move

For some reason I can't get the word QUENCHED to go through. I am getting the pop-up (Error: Unable to play move). This is very frustrating being that it is worth 121 points and I am positive it is a word and I am spelling it correctly.

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Still won't go through and there is no viable reason why.  Is there some kind of glitch?  Not giving this one up...

Hi MamaJ- 'Unable to play move' means you have tiles on the board in an inappropriate place.

Quenched is in our dictionary, and should be valid.

Definitely no other tiles on the board.  I have the QUENCHE and the D is on the board with nothing else connecting to it...still can't figure out why it starts to go through and then the Error message pops up.

I mean the D is at the end of a word and nothing else is connecting to the spaces I am trying to use.  Does it have anything to do with it being my last seven letters at the end of the game? Totally dumbfounded as to why it is not going through...

Did your opponent play his/her last pieces? Sounds like the game may actually be over?

Nope that definitely isn't it either just played another word for alot less points and it went through.  Thinking there must be some kind of a bug with using all seven tiles on last frustrating!  That would have been my best scoring word.

Thanks anyway