error not eligible to register?

I was wonder if anyone has had this problem or knows how to get around it.  I bought the hardened editon for the xbox for my son, quite happily put the game on used up all the codes and started to play.  Then we saw the elite option in the game on the multiplyer.  Of course we want the elite area as that is why we paid so much so we downloaded the elite section.

Now the problem is we cant actually log into it.  we click on start it looks at profile then comes up with this error

This account is not eligible to register for call of duty ELITE

now i have checked his account he is set to adult, he has the call of duty elite on his membership and he has xbox live.  so everything that i can think of is enabled but it just wont let me go on to the elite side of things.

Does anyone know what is going wrong or how to resolve this?


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Try signing up here ; Call of Duty: ELITE

Im having the same problem. My account is linked to cod elite through the computer. But I can't access the app on the xbox. I would also like help. I honestly hope I did not just waste 50 dollars on something I can't use.

Well I have managed to sign up fully on that website, took ages (almost 2 days worth as the traffic was so high) it now confirms he is elite since 11/10/11, he does have a red where the founder should be but from what i have read it can take several days for that to appear.

He can have a look on line and see what he should see but still cant seem to connect on his xbox.  It keeps saying not eligible which I find just plain strange.  Everywhere says he is now elite, he has had e-mails confirming the year contract start date, hes xbox account shows it as there but still it wont let him go on it via the xbox.

Will this make a difference in the future ie the dlc that will be released later on and for other things like competitions etc or will he be ok to just use his pc for things like that?

Any other ideas as im now fresh out of ideas as to how to get his xbox to connect to it.


Read this.  It should answer most of your questions about Elite issues.