Error code 80150017!!!

Im trying to download TC rainbow six las vegas from the FREE GAMES WITH GOLD, but this error keeps on popping up, i have a us account and a us console but im in mexico at the moment. Can anybody help me with this?


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That code is because it's a region issue. That game is region locked so your account region has to match your physical location in order to download it. Since you're in Mexico and not the US, it won't let you download.

How to download this ? Same issue with merit halo reach!

Read the answer above, your in the wrong region.

I'm in United States with a US console and US Account how is that possible i can't download the game

im having the same problem with reach right now

Me too, us KC sole, us gamertag, no issues before this game

I am in Canada with a Canadian console using a US gamertag, and Halo Reach was the first game I was ever denied the download. The last two games that were free Dishonour and Monaco downloaded fine.