Error 03-80-00 XBox 360 Elite (first gen black) and AC3


Bought AC3 and it dose not work in my xbox 360 elite. After trying to read the disk for about a minute I get an error.


  • Assasians Creed 3


Unrecognized Disc

Status code: 03-80-00

Steps Taken so far:

  • Tried another new disk (Took the game back to Gamestop and tried it with another disk)
  • Tried disk in other systems (worked fine in older xbox 360 white and new xbox 360 slim)
  • Cleared Cache 
  • Removed Hard Drive (no other storage devices)
  • Tried other games like skyrim (they work fine)

Still no work.

Is this due to a new silent update from microsoft to prevent piracy, but is sometimes affecting INNOCENT users?

  • My console is 100% legit never been opened, bought new.
  • All my older games work perfectly fine, just new releases not working.

Please help.





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Hello WetJabba,

Let me know if this helps, thanks!

Error code and message

Error code 03-80-00 is preceded by the following message:

Unrecognized Disc

If you press Y on your controller, you see status code “03-80-00.”


If you get this message and error code, it could mean one of the following things:

  • There is a problem with the disc (for example, it might be scratched or dirty).
  • The game you’re trying to play might have a known problem.
  • There may be issues with the system cache.

Solution 1: Go to the Disc Drive Solution page

To resolve this issue, try the following solutions.

Solution 1: Inspect and clean the disc

Take a close look at the bottom of the game, movie, or music disc (the side without a label or image). Excessive scratches or smudges can prevent your console from reading the disc.

To clean the disc:

  1. Hold the disc by the edges without touching the top or bottom surface.
  2. Using a soft, clean, slightly damp cloth, lightly wipe from the center of the disc outward.
  3. When the disc is clean, load the disc into your console and see if the disc plays.

If the disc still does not play, try solution 2.

Solution 2: Try other discs

Try other discs to determine whether the problem happens with any disc or only with this particular disc.

Make sure the disc type and region code are compatible with your console. For more information about disc formats and regions, see Supported regions, formats, and discs.

If the disc you are using has a region code that is compatible with your console but you still cannot play the disc, try solution 3.

Solution 3: Clear your system cache (game discs only)

If your Xbox 360 console can’t play multiple game discs, try clearing your system cache.

If you still can’t play a game disc, try solution 4.

Solution 4: Remove the storage device (game discs only)

If the problem happens only with game discs, try temporarily removing your hard drive to see if that fixes the problem. If your Xbox 360 console doesn’t have a hard drive, skip to solution 5.

If this resolves the problem, reattach the hard drive and order a new Xbox 360 Hard Drive from our Xbox Online Service Center (sign in with your Microsoft account). Console registration is required to replace a hard drive under warranty.

If you still can’t play game discs, try solution 5.

Solution 5: Disconnect memory units and USB flash drives (game discs only)

If the problem happens only with game discs, try the following:

  1. Turn off your console.
  2. Disconnect any memory units or USB flash drives connected to your console.
  3. Turn on your console.
  4. Try playing a game.

If this solution resolves the problem, copy the content from the memory unit or flash drive to your hard drive and use another USB flash drive.

If you still can’t play game discs, try solution 6.

Solution 6: Request a repair

If the solutions above did not resolve the problem, your console needs to be repaired. Request a repair.

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