Erased Offline Content?

I just went to Nekropolis and the Krypt, I've already unlocked all of the Krypt and beaten the ladder with all characters and unlocked their alternate costumes and endings. But now in Nekropolis it says I have none of this and nothing in the Krypt is unlocked. It's as if i'm just putting the game in my console for the first time. Did the patch cause this?


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Be sure you're signed into your profile. If so, make sure you're using the first player controller. It won't show progress if you use another controller to view the Nekropolis.

Your data probably got corrupted cause a lot of people carelessly turn off their 360's when so many games nowadays autosave

I'm signed into my profile and I'm using the first player controller. I thought something was up earlier today playing a versus match when I hit start to select a costume and no alternates were there to choose from. I just went back and looked again and all the objects in the krypt are there to be unlocked, there are no stats, endings or costumes for any character.

This happened to me two days ago, it didn't affect online so I was fine. If it doesn't affect Live at all (you can still get your costumes and w/e) then your fine, it's just a glitch. If not then... idk, sorry.

As mentioned by Koompbala, you might have turned off your console while the system was auto saving. This acutally happened to 2 of my friends who also lost their saves.

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Your data probably got corrupted cause a lot of people carelessly turn off their 360's when so many games nowadays autosave

[/quote]I think this is what happened to me but when I powered down my system the dragon icon that comes up when it auto saves wasn't on the screen. But when i played the next day I noticed I had nothing unlocked, went into my Hdd and my save file was corrupted, I was like thats suck's but then again this game is also really fun so doing it all over isn't so bad lol.

A lot of people have had problems with corrupted saves causing them to lose everything and have to start over. The last time I read about this the person was at challenge 298 on the tower.

It sounds like you lost a lot. That sucks man. I feel for you. You should start backing up your games saves on a USB stick. It will save you from headaches like this.

I'm going to have to back them up. I'm just going to have to go back and do it from scratch. The story mode won't be so bad, but the challenge tower will be a pain. I almost had Sub-Zero mastered too.

Same here, Just lost everything and I know I didn't turn it off when it was saving.  Went into my HDD and nothing was corrupted either, beat the tower, finished the game with all characters, krypt 100%.  This really does suck.

haven't played the game 4 a wile hope it doesn't happen here!