Equipment and where do I go from here now help please

Okay so I'm level 102 now and I just started my new game plus and I would just like a little help to figure out what gear I should be using for pve and pvp, my stats are vitality 37 strength 50 endurance 34 dexterity 21 intelligence 11 faith 9 attunement 10 and resistance whatever it starts at lol I currently use the dark knight armour all but the helmet and gloves are +5 obsidian great sword +3 silver knight shield and composite bow +5 help please much appreciated guys :)

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It seems a bit of a waste to use the obsidian great sword with 50 STR and 21 DEX.  That sword doesn't scale at all, so having STR and DEX that high doesn't increase the damage output at all.  You'd be well served to look into weapons that have good STR scaling.

Stack poise and hp

Grab the zwei and swing that thing like no tomorrow.

For pvp grab a pike or stick with the obsidian greatsword.