Epic Smithing *Spoiler*

I have 100% smithing but when I create something and then fix it up it only says "Legendary". The guid says 100% is Epic? Any idea?

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you mean lvl 100 smithing? if you have 100% smithing on an enchantment(s), then it may be over-leveling your items, and therefore, making them legendary. or maybe legendary is one below epic, who knows. if it doesnt show anything in the guide showing a "legendary" smithing level, then i would say its above epic.

I'm quite sure Legendary is the step up from Epic.  At the least, the Skyrim Wiki also seems to think so.

Yeah, I was making Epic level items before Legendary (at 100).

Yes lvl 100 smithing.  It says up to 99 is legendary and lvl 100 is epic.  I don't care about the title I just want the extra sword damage if there is in fact an epic lvl and if so why don't I have it?  I guess the guide could be wrong but I wouldn't think so.

Oops, thanks guys:)