Epic should bring back...

-Fuel Depot



-War Machine



Now I suck at googling things so I havent found out what maps epic is thinking of bringin back but I have heard people mention clocktower and blood drive. I honestly cannot see how they can bring those two maps back before the ones I listed. Gridlock, Fuel Depot, Canals, and Mansion where teh top 4 maps in Gears 1. The only reason noone played Canals in Gears 2 was because somehow epic ruined canals in gears 2 and it sucked.


What do you guys think of this?


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Maybe they're saving it for DLC.   I know we got free Gears 1 maps in GoW2, but they're not being so generous this time.

I wouldn't mind paying for them, but I am reluctant to pay for the season pass without hearing a summary of what I should expect to be included with my purchase.

I agree, hopefully they'll be in there. There'll be a few map packs to come as the season pass is 2400 MSP and that was the price for all of them but 33% cheaper. Blooddrive was quite bad in MP but I liked it for Horde, be interesting to see it with fortifications.

Which took up one of the slots to stop an original map.  Gears 2 had new maps, plus a free map-pack as an extra.

Oh, man.  You edited.  Now people don't know what I'm talking about.  NVM.

They need to bring back raven down and garden from gears 1!!!

I agree with raven down, I thought I had it in the OP, but I guess I deleted it. The only problem is that Raven down was down and dirty shotgun battles, which it seems like that wouldn't go so well with gears 3

Canals is probably my favorite map.  I'm glad to see Gridlock back too.